Ashwaubenon Wisconsin Events

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In 1997, the association organized and participated in a parade to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Ashwaubenon in partnership with the village. Support this endeavor with a $1,000 donation to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASA).

Three murals of the EPA hang in Cormier School, and one of them is at the school entrance, on the orders of the principal's wife. The mural was unveiled in a solemn ceremony attended by potential benefactors and the public.

The stand of the railway was set up at the Senior Exhibition and the company presented the memories in September 1994. Framed pictures of the village, which were given to him in 1990, and a collection of memorabilia from the past were also shown.

The association planted a garden and held its annual meeting on the first Saturday of the month in the old village community house. The association also prepared a temporary exhibition on the history of the village, in which we visited some of its most important buildings, such as the church, the school and the fire station.

During this time, the Kohler Foundation approached us as well, wanting to donate us to the museum in order to make it easier for us to get started. The small group began to collect many artifacts that linked Ashwaubenon to the agricultural past of the area, such as agricultural tools and implements, as well as some of the most important buildings and buildings of the village. They also helped us to install an exhibition in the Natural History Museum, where art was collected and polished by artist Adolph Vandertie.

In 2001, we finally opened our doors to the Heritage Festival, which included activities, food and refreshments, and opened the door to activities and refreshments, including the opening of the Ashwaubenon Museum of Natural History Museum and the creation of a monument. This monument was built to celebrate the 100 years of continuous education that this place has given to our youth and the history of our village.

The LaChapelle family, who have lived in Ashwaubenon since the early 20th century, even planned their visit as a guest appearance. This group occupied the first public school in Ashwaubeon, founded in 1872. Unfortunately, the call for more space in the school district meant that the association had to move into the Cormier School building in 1995.

In 1999, it was decided to submit a proposal to the village council for the use of the TIF. (Incremental Tax Financing) to raise money for the renovation of the interior and the addition of a foyer. Inside, a garage door was provided for storing and emptying the objects, as well as an open floor plan. This included a new kitchen, dining room, office and living room. Kohler Foundation to catalogue and clean the hobo and tramp art collections and to advise on the construction of cabinets.

Over the years, the Society grew from 10 members to more than 50 today. From 1995 to the present day, numerous social and charity events have been held to beautify Ashwaubenon. To raise about $50,000 to raise funds for the conservation of the artifacts, the Ash Waubenons Historical Society hosts monthly business meetings and a monthly bingo game.

The Newton Blackmour State Trail is finished and runs 20 miles from the outskirts of New London to Seymour, approximately parallel to State Highway 54. From there, you can take the Duck Creek Trail on Vanderheuvel Road, which is located east of the town of Seymour. It runs along a strip of smooth asphalt that winds through a reed stream and begins at the intersection of South Main Street and South Van Buren Street.

The Oconto River State Trail offers picturesque views of the crushed limestone cliffs of O Conto, which sits on the shores of Lake Michigan. The Copper Culture Trail offers a short hike along the Copper River from the town of Appleton to the village of Newberry. From there, follow the Appleon Newberries Trail to New York City and back through downtown.

The Fox River State Trail connects Packerland with pasture land and winds through the rural and agricultural communities of Fox Valley and the town of Kaukauna before rolling into the town of Appleton. The Copper Culture Trail, a short hike along the Copper River from the village of Newberry to the Appleon Newberries Trail, connects Appletons and Kauksauna along the busy County Highway CE.

More About Ashwaubenon

More About Ashwaubenon